Urban clusters impact on regional Air pollution and climate and generic visualisation software for satellite data applications

Work Packages

AeroVis will be implemented through six (6) strongly interrelated work packages (WP1-WP6) within a period of 33 months. WPs 2-5 correspond to core research activities, WP6 to demonstration, and WP1 to management activities respectively.

In brief, the overall approach includes the following consecutive phases:

  • The analysis and definition phase of the data requirements (WP4) that covers state-of-the-art analysis, the definition of end-users’ requirements, the business models for potential deployment and the extraction of all the functional and technical specifications of the visualization software platform. It targets to conclude on a detailed definition & design of the AeroVis software, corresponding to all research activities required for the Conceptualisation & Design.
  • The research phase (WP2-WP3) that covers (i) detailed spatiotemporal studies of air pollution and climate parameters delivered from satellites over whole China, (ii) study of expanding urban centers and their impact on regional air quality and climate and (iii) case study over the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region as a quickly developing urban cluster
  • The development and implementation phase  (WP5) that includes (i) platform data import, (ii) the AeroVis visualization software platform (iii) web and mobile applications and (iv) the integrated platform based on the above technologies.
  • The demonstration phase (WP6) that includes pilot testing, market analysis, exploitation activities and IPR handling. 
  • Finally, the Project Management activities (WP1) that are related with handling of all the administrative, financial, legal, etc, aspects of the project.